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I have decided that rather than bookmarking cool sites that I really want to revisit but never do, which is a regular habit of mine, I’ll post them here where I can find them (under the “Links” tag!) and share them with everyone. So, without further adue, here are today’s links.

Escapa!: A fantastic javascript game

Some nice GIMP tutorials

How meditation works

Wikipedia’s List of words of Yiddish Origin
I knew WAY too many of these words.

What a great idea. Seriously.

Bob Cesca’s Piece of Bigotry in the name of Christ
A little controversy to stir up your day. LOVE this piece.

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  1. I have been using Open DNS for a few years and I think it is great. They block some of the known spyware sites and offer filtering for your internet connection in case you want to block stuff from your kids…

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